What Am I Supposed To Write In My Dissertation Introduction?

Writing a dissertation is a one of those things everyone would like to avoid but unfortunately it is part of study in social sciences and humanities. There is no denying a lot of work is required to get this project right and dissertation assistance comes in handy. If you are an MBA student for instance, it is highly likely you are already at work and getting enough time to research on the best topics, find sources and write a good paper is hard. However, the task has to be done and the fact that it plays a big role in your course makes it a critical project.

One of toughest parts of a dissertation which you will most likely need help with is the introduction. Like with all forms of academic writing this section can ruin the rest of the project if it is not well drafted. There is thus need to learn the tricks of doing it right. This is the area most students using dissertation writing online services emphasize.

An introduction should be the selling point of your project and if it is weak, readers will most likely turn away. So important is this section that some experts recommend composing it after the other sections. This is a crucial part of the paper and the dissertation committee will be keenly interested in seeing what you have done with it.

It has to be very convincing to urge the reader on. The worst thing that could happen to your paper after all the time you have invested is turning away readers. For this reason, it is imperative to get it right to captivate the audience. In summary, this section of your paper will:

  • Introduce a dissertation topic and make the subject familiar
  • Get the attention of readers to ensure they get to the end of your project
  • Convince readers of the scientific and practical importance of this study.

Tips for Your Dissertation Introduction

A good introduction puts your study in context. This is done by answering the following questions:

  1. What? You have to explain what it is that you are seeking to answer in your writing. You have to explain your principle argument for the reader to get an idea about your work early enough.
  2. Why? This is about explaining the rationale behind the entire work. You have to explain the reasons you think this is a problem that needs to be resolved. For anyone to read your work, they have to be convinced that it is worth the effort and this is what you will be explaining here. You can talk to a dissertation service to buy samples in your area of study and learn how rationale of a study is provided.
  3. How? The methodology you decide to use should be clearly stated whether it involves actual research in the field or a theoretical approach.

In essence, a well written introduction will include:

  • Motivation for the paper
  • scope/extent to of the research
  • Stating current situation in the area you wish to cover
  • Description of the research design
  • Theoretical and scientific relevance of your study.

If your project is not resolving a problem, then there is no need for the same. You will find it very difficult to write a compelling introduction to such a project. An MBA dissertation introduction for instance should touch on an area that impacts contemporary society. You will find it easier to defend such a paper when you come in front of the dissertation committee.

Truth be told, an introduction has to be the hardest part of a dissertation to write and any professional assistance you can get will come in handy. There are many companies offering these services but you need to start by reading dissertation writing services reviews to find their track record. Always work with a custom service for the best results.