Forensic psychology dissertation topics you can handle

Forensic psychology is a relatively young field of study. As such, there is a wide scope of issues that you can explore for your dissertation that are original and can propel you to achieve very good recognition for your work. In this article, we will discuss the best forensic psychology topics to base your thesis on.

Forensic Psychology

As mentioned previously, forensic psychology is a relatively new field of study, only truly being developed in the past few decades. The subject focuses on the relationships between psychology and the law. Due to this, the field of study has had a huge impact on the subject of law, ranging from the psychology behind eyewitness testimony, jury behavior, competence assessment and polygraph tests.

It is a very important field of study, the research of which can have a huge impact on people’s lives.


Due to the relatively young age of the forensic psychology field, there are many areas you can explore in your paper. Topic fields in the subject range from criminal behavior topics to police psychology topics. The following are some of the best topics to write your thesis on that we feel you will easily be able to handle:

  • Analyze the behavior of serial killers, and how they are influenced by events in their childhood
  • How do mood disorders propel criminals to commit violent acts?
  • Does violence that is depicted in the media influence the violent criminals?
  • Discuss the aggravating and mitigating factors effect
  • Analyze mental illness and the death penalty
  • Analyze juvenile death penalty throughout history and the modern day
  • Analyze legal guardianship in the United States
  • Is forcible medication ethical?
  • How does reality monitoring by the police detect deception?
  • Are police eyewitnesses taken more seriously than other people?

These topics will allow you to incorporate various sources into your writing, which will greatly bolster your grade.


The best way to achieve good marks in your dissertation is to include a wide range of literature on the topic you are writing about. For forensic psychology, you should be able to find many books on the topic that you can include in your work. You will also be able to access empirical studies online that can be helpful to implement.

Ensure to do diligent research as it is important to receive good marks for your paper.