Where To Look For Relevant Sources For An MBA Dissertation

One of the most important tasks in an MBA program is writing a dissertation. This is an inevitable part of the course and truth be told, it is not easy. Little wonder than that most college students seek dissertation help from different sources. A well written dissertation proves that you have learned something critical in your course and this is clear through the application of your gained skills in research and writing.

This is the culmination of your graduate studies and the research question you pick should not only allow you to directly apply your skills but also expounds on a contemporary relevant issue. This is the first step in growing your credentials as a researcher.

Finding the Sources of a Dissertation

Finding data sources and literature review is the most challenging part of this academic undertaking. It is important to know where to find relevant sources to underpin your argument. Now that you appreciate the importance of this part of your graduate studies it is important to get it right. Once you have picked a topic and research question, you can go ahead and start your research.

Of course you can go online and find help writing dissertation but still, you need to know where to find relevant sources for the project. Some of the handy data sources include:

  1. The library: Even in this digital age, the good old library remains a treasure trove of information. This is should be one of the main places to visit whether you are looking for books or any other secondary forms of literature. Books in a library are easy to find especially if you understand the system. Referencing is also easy when you have a physical source of information.
  2. Online sources: There are many online resources including dissertation help service companies. The problem with some of these is lack of credibility though you can use some including Wikipedia to find more credible references. Using quotation marks when searching a particular topic gives you the most relevant sources.
  3. Academic journals: These are considered the most reliable sources and you can either find them in hard copy or online. Look for reliable academic journals and peer reviews especially those done under the aegis of university departments.
  4. Newspapers/magazines: For an MBA research, you will need a lot of contemporary information and the best place to find these is on news sources. Newspapers have credible information and can lead you to more sources to augment your data.
  5. Course texts: The tests you have been using in the course can come in handy when you need material on theories or business models learnt in class. These books are easy to come by and most likely you already have some while others can be found by asking around.

Leveraging Professional Writing Services

Are you now ready to get on with the task? While the rest of the course might be enjoyable for you, this part of the MBA program is most likely not the favorite. You can easily type “write my dissertation” on a search engine to find expert assistance today. This is now the easiest way of completing this task on time and getting the best grade.

The amount of work involved right from picking the topic, writing a proposal, presenting it, reviewing the proposal depending on your professor’s guidance, research to the actual writing is simply backbreaking.

For most MBA students who are already working, finding extra time for this project is almost impossible and this is where help with dissertation writing comes in handy. There are many reliable academic services online which not only help with topic suggestions but can also assist you write a compelling paper. These services are now an integral part of academia and they save time and help augment your research.

If you have just searched “who can write my dissertation for me” on a search engine, you are not alone. Luckily, you can find experts in MBAs who will help you with topic selection and even the actual research and writing.